Sunday, June 12, 2016


For those that don't know, last year I lost my facebook profile and had to create an all new one.
I will not get into it as its done and I don't want to dwell in stuff that has already been dealt with.

That having to re-create a new profile meant I lost my old business page and had to create a new one. So I went with the new name The Cranky Craters!
DON'T WORRY, if you are still using the old etsy link it will redirect you.
I have updated my facebook, etsy, tumblr and all past links. Deviant and email are the same as I do not wish to change them.

New Logo with updated info and so on. Sadly it only lasted a year. GASP whats that? The year isn't over yet? Yep, I am closing the shop down by the end of this year. Running this shop since 2012 and selling from home since 2011 and its been very UNSUCCESSFUL, so....I am done. Time to get a real job like everyone expects. *sarcasm* yay *end sarcasm* but that is another rant for another day.

In more good news, I have been on tumblr 3 years....yay

I have a tumblr comic for about over a year now....also in my link bar
I make soaps and such, 
 8-Bit Pokeball Soap with pokemon figure inside

Steven Universe Themed Cube Soap from my summer soap line.
 Blue Lavender Cube Soap with apricot scrub

Cherish Pokeball with pokemon inside

Cyphacon Cyphaball prop for

And finally Hollow Pokeball props NOW with pokemon figures inside

And my hand sanitizer potion bottles and Positively charged slime from the Ghost busters

Its all over my business page on facebook that I am shutting down this year.

Many of my discontinued items have been or are being broken up into the mini or regular goody bags.
There are still SOME Lip balm packs available. (undertale and sailor moon themed)
Supplies on sale 
as I am no longer making soap for sale.

So if you are still interested in them PLEASE ASK or obtain them at bayoucon!

ALSO IF YOU HAVE Purchased from my etsy shop and it has shipped and you have gotten said order(s) PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW ON MY ETSY AND Facebook shop page if you have not already THANK YOU!

I dislike asking, HOWEVER FOR EVERYONE WHO HAS RUN A SHOP or customers who frequent shops KNOW HOW IMPORTANT REVIEWS ARE.

Do you go to ebay and amazon and just buy something without checking the item description or reviews? (if you do then don't be mad that it wasn't what you expected)

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