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Lauren D. (The Pony Nerd)
Greetings! 'Tis me, I am 36 years old born an '80's/'9o's kid- and am HAPPILY married to my wonderful husband since 2009 we love our precious daughter!

I am a nerd, a brony, a wife and stay at home mother among many other things.
I created this blog not just to show my crafts yet to share my tutorials on how I create them.
As an artist/crafter/mother I tend to take inspiration from many sources as well as my friends and in wanting to share that I created this.

As time goes on I will do my best to keep this updated!
If you have any comments, suggestions, info or just want to send me a line please do!

My Goals In Life:
- Watch my daughter grow up and go to school. She starts pre-k this august (2014) YAY
- Become better in my crafting skills and do well enough to have it be a semi-well known business.
- Share what I know so that others can do their own version of crafts!

Lexia Fira/Fire Storm

This is Lexia Fira, or to be precise Alexiel Firastrome. The bust drawing was drawn and illustrated by Miss Sheila Brenner aka Aliehs Slade. Lexia is a fox demon/angel with the abilities to wield and manipulate fire. She can also heal others to an extent as well as her own. There are many versions and forms of her for the roleplays I do and the original version will remain mostly a secret with me. As I continue to update so too will I slowly let more out about Lexia. This is what a roleplaying, board/dice/D&D person does, have many characters and/or many versions of their character.

This is my OC Pony or rather Original Character Pony based off the series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She was created based off of my original character creation, Lexia Fira. As Fire Storm is the pony version and thus toned down a bit I figured at least keep some similarities between them. She still uses fire, still has the same attitude as Lexia and retained her wings.

spearcarrier,  B. J. Leday,  Meireich, Beverly Harlton


 Joshua/ Gym Leader Gir

 My wonderful husband or as most know him GymLeader Gir or Gyr. Its pronounced "Grrr" just as it would be on Invander Zim with the GIR unit. He is a nerd/geek/gamer like myself, and we share many a similar interest as well as help each other get through this crazy life! I am proud to call him The Pokè-Master. He is a Pokè-Professor for his fandom of Pokèmon since day one. He has shown me what fandon and dedication means via his dedication to pokèmon knowledge and facts while still committing to his family. Pokèmons, Ponys and Video game Princesses are the thing for this family. Some of the ideas I have created came from him, he began the idea, I put the elbow grease in to create it, thus how we work as a team! I can say I wouldn't trade him for anything because of how much we understand each other and work well together as parents and partners.

Elisabeth "Lisa" Louise 

My wonderous, beautiful, "mahvelous" and awesome daughter, Elisabeth "Lisa." Most of my girly inspiration comes from her as she is my sunshine! I look to her as she often embodies the true pony creed of "Love and Tolerate" She sees all versions of My Little Pony as equals and therefore all worthy of loves. The same can be said for people with her.
The best part about having her as a daughter is that even on the bad days for her or myself she is so quick to smile and that helps pick me up on my own bad days. :-)

"Xero Nium" a.k.a. Xeronium/Arctic Blaze

Ladies LOVE the pony/equestria girls guy...because he cooks SO WELL! 
In all seriousness Xero is my go-to person when I need help with the blog image factor, when I am out of town or need a person to help in general! And his cooking is NOT something to miss!
(This image was drawn and illustrated by myself. I DO NOT give permission to anyone else to use this image. ALL My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic characters belong to Hasbro, I do not claim any ownership!)
Xero/Arctic is now my go to for html issues as well.

Gem Stone Emerald Royal Psy-Shield Amethyst
*gasps for breath* otherwise known as Gemstone or Gem Royal. All around info gatherer/go-fer/assistant of awesomeness/sounding board and person I can bounce ideas off of when its a slow posting day.
(This image was drawn and illustrated by myself and I DO NOT give permission to anyone to use this OC pony image)

These are just some of the people/ponies that make up my family and friends, they give me hope, laughter,

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