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These are links to my other sites that i didn't want to overload my tabs with, my awesome friends and their blogs and other random things.
(I honestly don't know why its in all caps. I am sorry, working to try and fix it)
LAST UPDATED 6/12/2016

All the links that aren't shared on my blog page due to lack of room!

MY NEW INSTAGRAM! (@thecrankycrafters)

Finally gave in and created an instagram!

LC Pony Merch deviantart
This is my deviant art and most of my stuff that I have been posting for the past few years

My Youtube ChannelVideos of my drawings, illustrations and workings!

Original Deviant art under old nick name
This is my first deviant art under my old nick name Rikastashia. Most of my artwork from when I was trying to write this massive story for all my characters.

My Live Stream Channel

This is my Live Stream Channel where I occasionally share streaming of "hey look at me photo-shopping!" Fair warning their time is EST which is two hours behind mine, CST.

My Twitter
The twitter I post tweets to when I can.

The Art of Living With DepressionA blog about depression and how this person lives with it.VERY MUCH worth a read.

Worship Wiggles and Whimsy

My friend Miss Adrianne's blog! She shares recipes and her adventures in life and craft tutorials.Considering she recently had a second child, it is behind a bit in posts and that is ok!

The Virtuous Wife
A blog about a stay at home mother who makes many things from scratch and shares it. Very frugal yet educational. I LOVE this blog for it taught me how to make my own yogurt and soap!

Laces and Laddles
A blog recommended to me by Miss Adrianne as her friend does this. Also shares recipes and how to stay fit.

Confessiones of a Half-Baked Talemaker

My friend Miss Kat Blue and her blog about her works, her webcomics and awesome skills as a fellow crafter!

Living Well Spending Less
How to live the good life on a budget, chock full of awesome tips!

The Magical World Of Jacquline
The Blog of Miss Jacqueline Segura! 


Depression Comix
A web comic about depression and how it affects people who suffer from it.
This is a visual eye opener for people who don't know anything about it, or know but have not seen.
It helps put things in a more clear perspective and gives voice to those who have it.

Miss Jennie Breedens web comic
Its entitled "The Devil's Panties" which is meant to be funny not what you might thing. Its a semi-autobiographical web comic about her life as a web comic artist and her business. I have met her in real life at A-kon in 2008 and she really is how she portrays herself in her comic -fun loving and whimsical!

Heavenly Bride
One of Miss Kat Blue's web comics! Its otherworldly and I like it.


Twootie TarteA good friend of mine who creates and sells bath bombs, soaps and lotions from her etsy shop and conventions! Go check her out!

Sculptural Renaissance
Pony clay sculptures and movable clay dolls done by Miss Beverly Harlton! I have one of her items so I do recommend her! 

You Tube Channel Household Hacker
Neat tricks for every day life issues that work!


My Little Bronies Meme Base
Where I go to get my fill of ponies and laugh some

My Little Wiki
A wikia about My Little Pony from the first gen to now

My Little Wikia MLP
Fourth Gen Wikia of MLP:FiM and all to do with it. They REALLY did their research!

My Little Face When
FAIR WARNING THIS SITE has been having some difficulties and MAY not be a safe site anymore
Where I go for more laughs and to get some of the ideas for my pony art!

I Can Has Cheezeburger Fandom Site
A celebration of geekness in the fans!

Video Game Memes from I Can Has Cheezeburger

Yeah can you tell I like this stuff? Its VIDEO GAME HOMAGE!

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